Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Louver lover...

I've always like louvers....although they can be over done sometimes.  Actually, come to think of it, they are overdone quite a bit.  Regardless, I have been thinking about building a louver press for sometime.  If I am to go to the effort of welding a frame and machining all of the components, I want the machine to be more than just for louvers.  My idea is to build somewhat of a universal frame that can accept different attachments such as, obviously, a louver die but also possibly a bead roller attachment or a shrinker/stretcher attachment.  Just think, the possibilities are endless!

As my buddy Tom says
One thing at a time...
So, for now, I will first focus on the louver press.  Most of the louver dies currently commercially available are either crap or look way to industrial.  They all have flat profiles and no style.  I figured I could do better.

These are Rev A of the louver die collection.  I wanted a 2 1/2" wide louver with a crown to it.

They were made out of  O1 tool steel then heat treated after the machining was complete.  By they way, O1 doesn't cut too terrible with the correct tooling.  This was actually one of the first projects on #406

With the dies made, I have begun designing the frame.  I had several lengths of 4"x4"x1/4" tubing that with serve for the basis of the frame and I plan on covering the sides with 1/4" plate.  I want to run some analysis to make sure that I limit the deflection to an acceptable amount.  I still have quite a few details to work out, but here is somewhat I am thinking,