Monday, January 16, 2012

EZ Wire...

....was actually, fairly easy...

Overall, I think that the EZ Wire produces a decent wiring kit.  I would say that it is well worth the money and in the end has saved quite a bit of time.  The wires were very well labeled and color coded and the kit came with almost all of the connectors and plugs necessary.  However, there are a couple of issues that I have with it.

First, the horn relay is not connected to the fuse panel.  It is hard wired in so that it can be mounted next to it.  The problem that I have with that is I do not want another hole in the fire wall.  Prior to wiring, I filled 30+ existing holes in the fire wall to try and clean things up.  The flashers are mounted directly, so why can't a relay be?

Second, there is not a separate circuit for the taillights and headlights.  Power for the taillights is pulled from the headlight circuit.  This is not big deal, but I prefer to have them on separate most factory harnesses.

Third, the directions could be written a bit clearer.  If you were wiring a car with a GM steering column, GM headlight switch and 2 wire GM alternator, then you were in good shape.  If not, the directions were really not much help.  If it was the first time you had ever wired a car, I could see how this kit could be a bit overwhelming.

If you are looking to wire a bare bones hotrod, I think that this kit might have too many circuits.  But for a driver, it just about perfect.