Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Front shocks never really seemed to top the list of things that needed done on the '40.  That held true until recently I noticed the front tire bouncing like a basketball in the reflection of a car I was passing.  There had always been a slight vibration felt though the steering wheel, but I just assumed that the tires were simple out of balance.  I would have never guess that the front axle would have been excited quite like that.

I used a set of F1 shock mounts from a '48-'52 ford truck.  They really made things easy.  I've should have done this a long time ago...

The shocks in the above picture are simply for setup.  I used an old Napa Sensatrac catalog to find the correct length replacements.  I have to say that it's quite handy to have reference material like this. The catalog breaks down each shock by length, configuration and application.  So, I have a question for you, what does the following list have in common?

'57-'57 Divco
'48-52' Ford ruck
Every International Pickup
1978 Honda Civic
and a '77 Dodge Colt

They all used the same shock...apparently the exact one I need too.  Interesting...