Monday, August 20, 2012

Aluminum cooling...

Had a customer drop off a radiator to be modified over the weekend.  It's for a '50 Plymouth convertible with a small block.  The problem was that the original radiator was fairly deteriorated and with the cost of copper and brass, it would have cost a fortune to fix.  So we went with a much more cost effective universal aluminum radiator and modified it to fit.

Most universal radiators are cross flow...I don't know why...but they are.  So, to make it look right, we had to move the filler neck.  We also had to move the inlet and outlet positions

The lower hose is gong to be very lose to the fan.  I tried to offset it as much as I could to allow for a little additional room.

Usually when I modify radiators, I cut the entire top tank off and remake it closer to the original. This takes care of the unsightly patches.  Regardless, it will still work great and cool much better than the stock one.