Monday, September 10, 2012

Match Race...

Saturday! Saturday! Saturday!

Famous Local Blowout Extravaganza!
At The Drag Strip of Magnolia

Featured Event:
Tim “I’ll Kick Your Ass” Farwell
Jason “Bring it on Bitch!” Bonecutter

Race Fans, make your way to the pits to meet the drivers! - Get your picture in their cars! -Get their autographs! -Touch them! -Let them touch you!!


After years of everyone having to hear these two argue back and forth about who's car is the fastest, it was was finally settled on the track.

Magnolia Dragstrip has been around for a long time.  Originally a 1/4 track, it was converted to an 1/8 mile strip some time ago.  It's a great atmosphere and a throwback of sorts to the golden age of drag racing.  The owners and staff were way too gracious to help accommodate our match race during their weekly Saturday races.

It was Jason Boncutter's "Bonecrusher" against Tim Farwell's "Lil Pépé"....Ford vs. Ford with a Chevy...big block vs. small block.  The format was to be two time trials and then the best 2 out of 3 runs....winner take all.


In the end, it was the Bonecrusher that was victorious with a 8.30sec and a 7.99sec pass.  On both of the runs, Tim has issues with rolling the beams and red lighting.  It was over before it even started.