Thursday, November 1, 2012

F100 Brakes...wrap-up...

One other issue that we ran into was the radii on the spindles were quite a bit larger that the radii on the bearings.  The bearings came from Speedway in a kit that they put together just for this conversion.  Apparently, the outer bearing is the same as the original '40 ford but the inner bearing has a larger O.D.  After a bit of grinding on the radius of the inner bearings, everything was ready for a good cleaning and then assembly.

All of the parts that I used where as follows:

Backing plates, hubs and drums: '53-56 Ford F100
Shoes: Napa, TS TS10A  Listed for '53-'56  Ford F100 as well as '65 F100
Wheel Cylinders: Napa, Left front UP 9090, Right front UP 9091
Self Adjuster Kit: Napa, Left front UP 80691, Right front UP 80692
Hardware Kit: Napa UP2247
Bearings: Speedway Motors #91631934