Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Pre-1948 216 and 235 T5 Adapter...

I've had several inquires about making an adapter for a pre-1948 Chevy truck bellhousing.  Mainly found on 216's from 1937 all the way up to 1947, this bellhousing has what I like to call the medium size bolt pattern.  Bigger than the '49-'54 car pattern but smaller than the later 235 bellhousings, the bottom two mounting holes measure 7.25" across.  On the earlier trucks, the pedals are mounted directly to the bellhousing making the swap to a later bell just that much more difficult.

 You can see in the picture below the three bolt boss that sticks out on the driver's side for the pedal mounts.  Every bellhousing pre-1947 that I have seen has had this mount.  However some where not drilled and tapped which I believe are post war since the AD trucks had the pedals mounted to the frame.

The pocket that is machined on the right side is for an adjustable clutch pivot ball that is in a customer's '37 Chevy truck.  We believe the bellhousing is original to the truck, but someone has been in there before.  regardless, it was no big deal to machine it in. 

These new adapters should be done within the next couple of days.  Shoot me an email or give me a call if you need one.