Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Finally done...

The new building is finally done...well at least the exterior.  There are big plans to make it the new workshop, but we'll just have to wait until spring.

You might be thinking to yourself that it seemed to take an excessively long time to finish...well I would have to agree with you on that.  You see, initially there were some issues with the weather.  It rained...for about a month straight.  Working in the mud absolutely sucks.  Then, once we did get enough of a dry spell to get the building up, we ran into another issue with the siding.  

I have only every used siding produced from Alside.  They make a fantastic product and I have never had any issues with it.  I have it on my house and other buildings so naturally I wanted it on the new shop.  But, after getting about half of it up, we stood back and noticed that the siding was two different colors. 

This was completely unacceptable...especially for the price paid for the product.  However, Aslide stood behind there product and replaced the entire lot of siding, but because of the holidays and personal vacations, it took about a month to sort everything out.  The problem was explained as an incorrect setup during the embossing process causing the slight difference in sheen.  After all was said and done, I would not hesitate to go back to them for my future siding needs.  It's nice to know that there are some companies that still value customer satisfaction.