Friday, April 26, 2013

It runs!

There was some major progress on the truck the last several days.  All of the wiring is hooked up, front end is bolted on, the radiator is in and all of the fluids are topped off.  We turned the key, cranked it over a couple of revolutions and it fired right up.

The list of things to do is dwindling fast.  The wheels are painted and are at the pinstriper's getting striped.  As soon as they are back, the tires can be mounted and the truck set on the ground.  The bumper still has to be mounted and the fog lights hooked up.  Also, the owner wanted a spare tire mounted on the bed side.  Originally, we were going to make our own brackets in order to not have to change the fender.  However, the more we looked at it, it just didn't look right to mount the tire in a location other that stock.  So, we are still looking for an original spare tire fender and mounts.  I have been only able to find one that's 1700 miles away and rotten fairly badly.  There is a swap meet coming up next weekend and there should be one there...hopefully.

This truck is going to show case a new product for Vintage Metalworks...our very own short throw shifter kit for T5's.  I've been working on this for a awhile and have them to a point that I am confident enough to start offering them for sale.  In order to keep prices reasonable, the kit includes an aluminum spacer and a new shifter shaft.  The original mount is used in conjunction with the spacer and the shafts are simply swapped.