Tuesday, June 25, 2013

262's and T5's were never meant for '37 Hudsons...

Even though I always try and keep the transmission completely stock when developing an adapter, unfortunately on this one, there is going to have be some modifications to the bearing retainer and throwout bearing.

The stock '94-'95 s-10 bearing retainer measures 1.375" diameter and the ID of the stock Hudson throwout bearing measures 1.360".  So, a little needs to be turned off of the bearing retainer OD.  Also, due to the lip on the face of the throwout bearing, the length of the bearing retainer has to be shorten as well.

The stock Hudson input shaft is 1" in diameter where as the '94-'95 S-10 is 1-1/8'.  This requires the smaller ID lip on the face of the throwout bearing to be opened up and a little trimmed off of the seal.  I quickly made up a tool out of some tubing to cut the leather seal.

With this particular adapter, it first has to be bolted to the bell housing, then the assembly bolted to the transmission and finally it all can be bolted to the engine.  With using the stock bell housing, it helps not only with the placement of the engine because of the integrated rear mount but also with the clutch linkage.  It should use all stock Hudson parts.

 The engine is finally sitting where it belongs.  There is going to be quite a bit of work regarding the front mounts to get them to work but it is definitely feasible.  It appears that sometime in this car's past that someone had cut the original mounts out and installed another engine.  Then later, someone reinstalled the original mounts.  They they are fairly thin and flimsy, so we are just going to redo it all and make it right.  At least the motor is where it needs to be and the transmission clears everything nicely.  The shifter ended up in a good position as well.