Friday, October 18, 2013

T5 adapter for the flathead...

I know, I know....things have been slow around here and I apologize for that.  It has been ridiculoulsy busy arond the shop and I simply haven't had time to make an update.

I did want to share the latest project that we have been working on.  Finally, we are going to have a T5 adapter for the Ford Flathead.  Now, there are several different company offering the Flathead adapters and most of them are very reasonably priced.  Ours is going to be a bit different that what's currently available.  It's a drop in, bolt together ordeal that uses the stock torque tube rear end and requires absolutely no modifications. least that's the we are still in the design phase.   

Ultimately, this kit will include a new tail shaft and output shaft that will accept the stock Ford u-joint and pivot ball.  There will be a bell housing adapter, much like what is available currently, as well as a new top plate that will relocate the shifter close the the original Ford location.

Having this type of kit allows the use of any of the Mustang or Camaro T5's as well as the '94-'95 S-10 T5's.  No longer will you have to try and find a mechanical speedometer S-10 T5 as you will be able to use the original Ford speedometer.

Again, this adapter is still in the design phase but we will keep you up to speed on how it is progressing.