Monday, March 3, 2014

Getting close on the Willy's...

We have made some progress over the last week or two on the Willy's.  The front frame is boxed an completely welding.  A new Ididit steering column is in place and well as the Corvette power booster and master cylinder.  The steering is hooked up, radiator is mounted and the engine is bolted in.

I have to give credit to Ididit, they make a really nice product.  I don't know why I spent so many years messing with old factory GM steering columns, trying to force them to work with their goofy mounting and loads of extra wires.  Using this column, I couldn't believe how easy this went.

Those with a keen eye might notice the some what limited clearance between the header and the steering shaft.  We originally set everything up with block-huggers and once the mounts were welded in and finalized, the customer brought these over and wanted to use them.  Oh-well, guess we will just have to "relieve" a small spot on the one tube.  We'll get it to work. 

Next is the brake lines and the front fender brackets.  We'll then be able to bolt the front back together and start finishing the rear.