Thursday, July 10, 2014

Getting closer...

I'm not trying to complain, but the wiring on this truck has fought me the entire way.  It's not really anybody's fault in particular, its just one thing after another.

This time, it was the turn signal switch.  I couldn't figure out why the brake lights were not functioning reliably.  They would work fine and then mysteriously stop working.  I would check for power and then they would start working again.  Finally, after a bit of diagnosing, it "turned" out that the turn signal switch was the culprit.  Since the turn signals lights and the brake lights use the same bulbs, the brake light circuit runs through the turn signal switch and is interrupted by the appropriate turn signal when actuated.  So, I installed a new switch only to find out that the turn signal indicators would not function correctly.  This was because the aftermarket switches need a 3 prong flasher instead of the standard 2 prong flasher.  The 3rd prong is there strictly for the indicators.  Fortunately, the fuse panel had provisions in the flasher socket for the 3rd prong so after a bit of disassemble and running an extra wire, voila, it worked correctly.

As it stands now, the radio, heater, horn and dome light still have to be hooked up and then everything reassembled.  All of the other wiring is done and ready to go.