Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Model A to T5 adapter....

We have been working on this adapter on and off for the last several months but are getting fairly close to releasing it for production.  This adapter will adapt an S-10 or V6 Camaro T5 to a stock Model AA truck bellhousing.  It include both bolt patterns for the '83-early '93 T5 and the late '93 to '96 T5.  It is used in conjunction with the AA truck bellhousing.

We had to use the truck bellhousing because the stock passenger bell is about 2" deeper and the input shaft of the T5 is simply not long enough.  We fought with ways around this and actually came up with a fairly elegant solution.  However, that solution proved to be cost prohibitive.

One of the issues with using the truck bellhousing is the lack of the pedal pivot rod.  As with all of our adapters, an attempt is made to minimize the required modifications of stock components, so, the pedal rod is incorporated into the adapter in the correct location for a stock passenger application. 

The first pre-production kit is currently being made and a trial fitment is lined up on a customer's car.  We'll let you know when it is ready.