Thursday, May 19, 2016

Wiring progress...

As I began making the connections under the hood, I needed to do something with the wires exiting the firewall.  In the past, I've seen on early Fords a dished out metal cover that hides the hole in the firewall and acts somewhat like a clamp for the wires.  I always thought that was an elegant idea so, I wanted to use it on this project.

Here is the finished cover, installed:

I should have taken more pictures of the the start of forming, but I pretty much just started hitting a scrap piece of 20ga. between the open jaws of the vise with a ball peen hammer...not to exciting really.  To form the exit of the wireway, I used a piece of round bar stock as a form and again, hit it with a hammer while I had the piece positioned between the open jaws of the vice.  The vice jaws acted like the female dies of a mold and gave me that "crisp" edge.

So yeah, it looks pretty ugly at this point...

...but you just have to keep at it and work the imperfections out.  The first step is to get the shape followed by making it smooth.

The vise handle makes a perfect dolly to work against.

You eventually get to a point that there is so much extra material that you can't proceed without cutting the excess away.

Once it's to the basic shape, keep working it against the the "dolly" and what ever else might be lying around.  I used the chunk of steel that it's resting on the help define the edge.

Hit it with the right angle grinder to sand the last imperfections out and install.  It took about 45 minutes from start to finish.