Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Model A Steering Box Redo

One of the many aspects that can make a car not enjoyable to drive is loose steering.  And as you can imagine, the stock steering box on the model A was fairly worn out.  Since I had to modify the box anyway, I figured a complete rebuild was necessary...

I wanted to move the box onto the top off the frame.  Normally, the box is mounted on the inside and the sector sticks through.

After a bit of measuring, some CAD work and several 3d printed prototypes, I finally settled on a mount the I liked.

The mount clamps onto the the steering box so the original mounting flange ad to be machined off.  While I had thee part in the lathe, it was a good time to do the needle roller bearing upgrade.

After several test fits, there was a bit of trimming required...

Also, I felt that the column was too long, so, 1-1/2" had to come off.

After everything was reassembled, I made the top clamp and bolted it up.  The pitman arm needed a bit of "tweeking" to clear but other than that, it worked great.