Wednesday, September 26, 2018

'50 Chevy Convertible Rewire...

Work has been progressing on the '50 Chevy convertible that is in the shop now.  Even though it came in for an engine swap, we decided to go ahead and replace the wiring.

I used an aftermarket harness from Speedway Motors.  I like this harness for the simple fact that it used a molded fuse box.  Many of the aftermarket harness are made from separate piece that are clipped or screwed together.

There really isn't much room under these Chevy dashboards.  I had to make a mount for the fuse panel that bolted to the driver's side hood hinge.  It's a little difficult to get to, but it was about the only place available. 

Whenever I wire, I always crimp, solder and heat shrink the connectors.  It makes for a very reliable connection that will be trouble free.

It is a good feeling when you finally put power to the harness and it all works like it suppose to.