Monday, March 11, 2013


This is probably a good time to discuss terminating wire ends...

Here are the common crimp type terminals that I usually use when doing a wiring job.  They are readily available and generally are fairly heavy gauge material.  However, I absolutely despise the insulation on them.  The color is awful and they look horrible when crimped.

So...I cut it off.

With the insulation gone, I can then crimp and solder the terminal to the wire.  the trick with soldering automotive wiring is to use just enough to make a good connection.  To much solder and it can wick back up the wire and make it hard and brittle.

With the soldering complete, I then add a small piece of heat shrink to cover everything up.

I know, I could just get non-insulated terminals and yes, that would save some tine.  However, I have not been able to source a local store that carries them.  Inevitably, I always run out or do not have the correct end so being able to go to my local parts store and get them is a nice convenience.