Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Oil pan modification for the 5.3L...

One of the downsides with using a truck 5.3L LS engine is that the oil pans are very tall.  These usually interfere with the cross members and end up hanging down low.  There are several aftermarket companies that are producing oil pans that are based on the truck pan but are 2-1/2" shorter.  However, these pans cost as much as what I paid for the entire engine.

So, my solution was to section it.

You can see how tall this pan is.  These engine hold 6 quarts of oil and by cutting 2-1/4" out, I am removing about 3/4 of a quart of capacity.  I am not too concerned with this as I am essentially making this the same size as the aftermarket Holley pan.  Also, I know that I will be changing oil on a regular bases as well as checking it often.

It took a bit to get through with a cut off wheel.  I actually ended up using my band saw after it was taking so long.  Since the sump is wider at the top than the bottom, I have to add a little filler strip.

I was really surprised at how well this welded up.  I expected to have all sorts of contamination from it being an oil pan and all.