Friday, January 12, 2018

The Volvo 240 heart transplant....

For the last year or so, I have been driving my '93 Volvo 240 wagon as my daily driver.  It's a quirky little car but it's fun to drive and is decent on gas.  Well, on my way home, there was a stumble and then....nothing.  The engine shut off and forced me to push it into a gas station in the middle of rush hour traffic.  Fun times.

Up to that point, the car has been rock solid reliable. 

After a bit of parking lot diagnostics, it was determined that the secondary fuel pump decided to quit.  Yes, this car has two fuel pumps...those crazy Swedish.

On top of the fuel pump, this thing has had some wiring gremlins that have been there since the day I brought it home.  Apparently, wiring issues are very common to the 240 range.  I've been debating to do something with this thing for some time and finally, this episode pushed me over.

The original plan was to put a 2JZ in it...however, that was going to be quite the undertaking as I didn't have any engine management, tuning software and I still need needed several thousand dollars worth of parts such as turbos and what not.  It was going to be a steep learning curve.  This would have been all fine if I had the time to devote to it.

Luckily, there happened to be a 5.3L LS motor sitting in the shop.

Time for a swap...

Oh, the classic B230F...

Deconstruction is my favorite part.  I attempted to not cut any of the wiring.  Even though, I plan on completely rewiring the car,  I still might need parts of the harness and connectors.  Plus, I figured that someone, somewhere might need a harness.

It is nice how the entire front unbolts.  The hardest part to remove was actually the headlights.  Of course, the studs pressed into the plastic housings did not want to corporate and I ended up having to cut them with a torch.

While it doesn't look too bad of a fit...there is going to be some surgery.