Monday, April 8, 2019

'64 Merc T5 install continued....

Since the original transmission tunnel was in poor shape, it was cut out and a new removable tunnel was fabricated.

It was started by first  rolling a piece to about the correct size...

...then after an evening of hammering, shrinking, stretching, and some time on the English wheel, it fit fairly decently.

I love these things...weld nuts make everything better!

I was amazed how the original floor was not symmetrical at all.  The transmission and engine were centered in the car but the floor had a much more pronounced hump on the driver's side compared to the passenger's side.

Since the transmission I used had an electronic speedometer and the factory speedometer was mechanical, I could have either found and '83-'88 tail shaft or use a speedometer drive.  There are a couple of companies that are now offering these.  Dakota Digital and Speed Hut both have options.  Speed Hut's version can be used either with a VSS signal, GPS signal or a combination of both.  They were a bit more expensive and had a 3 week lead time.  Dakota Digital's box only uses a VSS signal but it was very easy to hook up and calibrate....just follow the directions.  Best part is that with their dealer network, I was able to get one within a couple of days.

I made a mounting bracket so that it could be mounted under the dash.  The box came with a 24" long speedometer cable that fit perfectly.

I used some more weld nuts...since I like them so much