Monday, April 8, 2019

'64 Mercury T5 install...the Ford Narrow Pattern bellhousing

A customer dropped this 1964 Mercury off for a T5 install. It has a 390 with a 3 speed. Originally, it was a three-on-the-tree, but someone decided to "install" a custom floor shifter.  Galvanized sheet metal and favorite.

Apparently, they missed cutting the hole in the correct location....

The T5 is actually a hair shorter than the 3 speed. The shifter is in a much more favorable location.

I made an adapter for the Ford "narrow" pattern.  This adapter uses both T5 bolt patterns.  It worked out really well since the bottom holes of the Ford bellhousing line up with the late '93-'96 S-10 T5's.  The adapter kit included a new pilot bearing, a bushing for the release bearing, a new clutch disc and the adapter itself.

Since the floor was already a mess, I decided to just go ahead and cut it all out.  A new tunnel will be made to cover all of this up.

The cross member needed a bit of modification for the lower rear rod mount.

By modifying the original cross member, it was much easier to retain all of the emergency brake linkage.