Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The latest addition to the Family Fun Park...

I came across a deal to trade a go-cart for these coin operated rides and I simply couldn't help myself.

There are coupe of missing panels and the wiring is a bit sketchy but at least they work.  I really just want the helicopter but the guy threw in the jet pack so I had to take it.

They both are made by a company called AutoRovo.  I haven't been able to find much info on them so if you know anything, please call or email.

1940 Chevy 409...

The latest project to come into the shop has been this '40 Chevy sedan.  It's a pretty cool car that's been on the road for quite a while.  It's got a 409 in it with power steering and disc brakes. 

When the owner put the car together, he used a set of modified fenderwells.  With the aftermarket power steering kits, there is absolutely no room on the driver's side.  So, as one could imagine, finding a set of headers that fit and weren't fenderwells is next to impossible.  So that's what we are doing...

He actually purchased a set of Sanderson block huggers that he wanted modified.  Luckily the passenger side fit without issue but the driver's required a little finesse.

Generally, it's actually easier to make headers from scratch than trying to modify a set....especially to this extent.