Wednesday, November 9, 2016

'49 GMC...

So recently, we pulled a '49 GMC in the shop to do some suspension work and add a spare tire mount over the driver's rear fender.  Like most of these trucks, this one has been well used.

The customer supplied a Fatman Fabrication front suspension.  We have used these in the past and I am always impressed by their design and quality.

The customer wants this truck to sit as close to original as possible, so Fatman supplied raised spindles.  Normally, these cross members lower the vehicle 2-3" and these spindle raise them back up near original ride height.

When doing suspension work, I prefer to start with the rear and get it sitting where it needs to be.

By the looks of these shackles, I don't believe they had seen grease in a very long time.

The more that I dug into removing the rear, it came apparent that the entire rear suspension was going to have to be replaced.

Once everything was removed on the rear, it was time to start dissembling the front...

It was much of the same.  Everything was completely worn out.

The front cross member was marked and laid out per the instructions.  Once the rear is completed, the truck will be re-leveled and we can start welding the front in.