Thursday, February 15, 2018

Engine mounts...

For the engine mounts, I used an adapter plate off of Ebay so that I can run the old style SBC mounts on the newer LS bolt pattern.  The plates I got had several different mounting locations so, I had some flexibility.  I like using the old style mounts because they lend themselves easily to retrofits and they are ridiculously cheap.  I think these are from an early Nova.

In the middle set of holes, the mounts lined up fairly well to the stock 4 cylinder mounting holes.

I turned some solid bar down and drill a clearance hole for a 3/8 bolt.  This fit in between the ears of the new mounts.  Using some 1" x 2" rectangular tubing, I welded the standoffs.

These ran down to the stock crossmember, fairly close to the original holes.  It did take several tries to achieve the proper angle.

With a foot welded on and several holes drilled...

...the front of the motor was bolted in.  I do plan on adding some additional support to the mount so that the feet can't bend, but I want to get the headers built first to make sure there enough clearance.