T5-4116 - S10 T-5 to GM 4-11/16" Bore Bellhousing, 235,261, 230, 250, 292 SBC

Update 12/28/20: In stock and ready to ship.  All backorders have been fulfilled.

Bell Housing Side

Transmission Side

If you are planning to put an '83-'93 S-10 transmission behind your 235/261 Chevy inline, this is the adapter that you need.  Used in conjunction with a '48 to '62 Chevy truck bell housing, this adapter allows for an unmodified T-5 to direct bolt to the engine.  The standard S-10 T-5 has a longer input shaft and bearing retainer than a standard GM 3 or 4 speed.  This adapter compensates for that.  It has a 4 11/16" diameter register on the bell housing side and a 4 11/16" diameter counter bore on the transmission side.  The bolt holes on the bell housing should measure as follows:  center to center on the top holes measure 8 1/4" and center to center on the bottom holes measure 9 1/8".  This is the same pattern as the S-10 transmission.

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