T5 Short Throw Shifter Spacer

Update: 10/28/20  In stock and ready to ship

If you are looking to put a longer shift handle on your T5, then you need one of these.  This spacer raises the stock shifter up 1 1/4" allowing for the shifter pivot pin to be relocated.  This simple modification allows for a longer shift handle to be used without excessive reach when shifting.

To complete the modification, the first thing is to disassemble the stock S-10 T5 shifter.  Under the rubber boot, there are three taps that are bent over clamping the assembly together.  Once these tabs are bent back, remove the caps and then the flat spring.  Lift the shifter rod and plastic bushing out of the housing.  The plastic bushing will slide off of the shifter rod.  Lightly tap the pivot pin out.

Once completely dissembled, measure up 1.25" from the original pivot pin hole and drill another hole the same diameter.  This can be done in a drill press with a vise fairly easily.  Tap the pin into the new hole location and reassemble.

When you have the shifter apart, it's a good time to heat and bend the shifter rod if needed.

Price:  $35.50