Tuesday, December 24, 2019

'36 Ford roof...

I decided about a week before the Race of Gentleman event this year that I wanted to finally go.  The plan was to drive the '36 3 window that I had replaced the lower half of the body several years ago.  However, the forecast for the drive was rain and with no roof insert, that would be miserable.  So, I needed to build a roof, even if it was only temporary.

Someone over the years attempted to install a sunroof.  It appears that they used a hatchet..

In order to hold it in, I first need a frame.

Once I had the frame, I rolled a piece of aluminum sheet on the English wheel to get a nice crowned panel.  The edges where then folded over the framed.

It's way more waterproof than before!

'65 Mercedes Floor repair...

We had a customer drop off a '65 Mercedes 220 SE that had some previous floor "work".  As you can see, the owner wasn't too pleased with the quality of what was done. 

Here is the previous "work"...I understand that it all gets covered with carpet, but...

Everything had to come out.  The owner actually was able to find replacement panels that made it a bit easier.  However, with most patch panels, they are not quite big enough.

As with most floor repairs, it is always worse than what it first appears.

All patched up as close to original as we could make it for the budget we we given.