T5-218 - S10 T5 to Dodge 218/230 Flathead

It's finally here!  Adapt a T5 to your Dodge or Plymouth 218/230 flathead with a passenger bellhousing.  This kit includes a CNC machined adapter plate, a modified throw-out bearing, a new extended pilot bearing and a new clutch disc.

The clutch disc is a custom built unit using common aftermarket parts but with an extended input hub to provide adequate engagement with the input splines. We stock a 9" disc but can get a 10" relatively quickly if you are using a truck pressure plate.

The throw-out bearing is a common Jeep Cherokee from the '90's to the early 2000's.  It has the proper springs to clip into your stock clutch fork but the the ID is too large for the T5 bearing retainer.  We machine a collar that presses into the ID to reduce down to the correct diameter.

The pilot bearing is machined so that is extends out from the back of the crank.  The input shaft of the T5 is actually a little short for the passenger bellhousing thus requiring an extended pilot bearing.

pictures to come

Kit price:
$425 plus shipping