Tuesday, September 27, 2022

1975 IH Metro M1200 Boxvan

 Around the end of last year, a local auction came up with this International M1200 Metro box van.  Originally, I had no intention on buying it, but we all know how that ends... 

It was sitting since 1992 and required some extraction to get it out of it's home.  Surprisingly, all 4 tires took air and it winched up on the trailer quite easily.  Overall, it was in great shape.  There was no major body damage and it was 100% complete.

To be honest, I did not have intentions of keeping it.  The plan was to clean it up a bit, see if we could maybe get it running and flip it for a decent profit.  Well, I guess it just kind of grew on us and we decided to keep it for a shop truck.

The first thing needed done was to address the wheels.  They were 16" split rings that I would have considered running if the hoops were not rusted out.  Since International did things their own way, we didn't have much options for wheels.  So, I found a set of 17" F150 truck rims that were close enough to swap the centers with.

With the thing safely sitting on all 4 wheels, now it was time to address the wiring...