Thursday, March 26, 2020

1950 Olds engine swap...

A very nice '50 Olds came into the shop to get some engine mounts and transmission mount fab'd, but of course, it didn't stop there.  The engine is an all new small block Chevy with a vintage 471 blower and a Tremec 5 speed.  It's pretty tight in the engine bay, so we modified a set of C10 headers to work.  We also addressed several other little issues while the engine was out that was done from previous engine installs.

That's a whole lot of engine to cram into a stock engine bay...

The front mounts and cross member were all fab'd from 1/8" steel plate. 

The passenger side header from a C10 fit without issue, the Driver's side was a different story.  The steering box, steering column, master cylinder and clutch linkage were all in the way.

There is still some work to do but it is in and will clear the hood without issue.